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Leasing Up Only Service

If you prefer to handle all the daily operation in property management, but would like a professional company to manage the leasing of your property, Kraft Real Estate Property Management is for you!

As your leasing agent, we will represent you throughout the rental process. This includes handling marketing, advertising, showings, tenant screenings, and preparation of the lease and other necessary documents related to the move-in. This service allows you to feel confident that you have a strong foundation for successful tenancy.

  • Initial Visit and Evaluation - We would like to meet you in person (if possible) to view your property and discuss any concerns that you may have. After this informative first visit we will be able to give your property a professional comprehensive evaluation and market analysis. We will determine an individual property marketing strategy, discuss any improvements we recommend and determine the appropriate lease rate for the property to help you maximize your rental income.
  • Marketing and Advertising - Every home for rent or sale needs an individual approach in regards to marketing. Dan and Lisa Kraft have been working this way for thirty plus years with sensational results! Now we have the opportunity to offer this first class marketing to our clients with Kraft Real Estate, Property Management.

    First, we will personally evaluate your property as to the impression it will make on a potential quality tenant. We will look at your property's curb appeal with landscape tidiness and how possible light staging of your home may impact how long your rental stays on the market. We use professional photography for a great first impression on web advertising sites and professional rental signs in front of your property.

    We also value networking as a high priority marketing strategy in our real estate company, and Kraft Property Management is fortunate to have this company to help in this regard. Advertising of our property management company on our real estate website along with personal networking with agents who are constantly in contact with potential clients with rental needs will be of great benefit to you. Marketing is more than advertising - a great marketing strategy can help you maximize your rental return.
  • Showings - As your prospective tenants are looking for their new home we are quick to respond and schedule showings immediately.
  • Tenant Screening - Kraft's personal experience and professional screening with background checks both play integral roles in the tenant selection process. With the wealth of knowledge that we've acquired through past experience, we know what makes a favorable tenant. By thoroughly investigating a potential tenant's credit, eviction and employment history as well as contacting previous landlords for referrals, we are able to secure the most qualified residents for your investment property.
  • Lease - After we have acquired a dependable tenant for your property, we will handle all of the necessary paperwork associated with the lease to ensure compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws. To guarantee your protection, we utilize the thorough California Association of Realtors lease form which is updated annually by their legal staff.
  • Move-in Process - We highly emphasize compliance right from the start regarding what you will expect from your tenants and what they can expect from you. We conduct a detailed inspection of the home upon Move-in with the tenant and take photos to help you avoid any future disputes with them.

    After your new tenant has moved in, we will hand you a complete file, including the photos of the move-in condition of your property, so that you are ready for a successful tenancy. In addition, we will provide you with Move-out paperwork to help you in the future. You are now ready to manage your property… we wish you all the best!

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